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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breaking! People Not Doing Shit Threaten General Strike!

Mother Jones tweets:
From our reporter at #occupyoakland General Assembly just now MT @timmcdonnell: General strike passes with 1184 votes of approval

JackalAnon tweets:


Folks, this is big. I mean, HUGE. The power of fringe groups to call for universal job action is simply devastating to an economy and society.

Remember the day the illegals all struck to show us how important they were to the economy?

However did we survive?

Remember the horror of the nationwide gay walkout to protest the passage of Prop 8?
What can we do against the torpid passion of the somnolent indigent?

I'm saying a prayer, folks. I'm saying a prayer for the whole world...


Anonymous said...

So the workers of the world will unite next Wednesday to do what? Not make communist flags, images of Che Guevarra, protest signs, barge into restaurants, deal drugs, steal (sleeping bags, ipods, iphones, etc) from their fellow revolutionaries, just to name a few. Will the neighborhoods notice? If it weren't for the breathless media coverage of this monumental event, would anyone notice, besides those in the area who are reminded by the ever present scent.

This is only the first "big" salvo. They plan on a "continental congress" next Fourth of July in Philadelphia. The ralling cry is "Free Cheese Steaks for Everyone!"...or is it "No justice, no cheese steaks!"

Deborah Leigh

TomR armed in Texas said...

Yep! We've had it. End of the world. I expect this strike to have about the same impact as the Y2K epic, which we also did not survive.

Unknown said...

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