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Saturday, February 18, 2012

NOW! LEAKED CPAC Videos! See for yourself! (A Frumley Brooks, Esq., Exclusive from TBL)

Exclusive to Three Beers Later
from Frumley Brooks,
Mainstream Conservative Pundit

Now, one would never reveal a source, so it would certainly be beyond all professional reason to admit who sent Three Beers Later these videos after they might hypothetically have been browbeaten out of posting them by Tabitha Hale. On the other hand, here they are, and someone somewhere owes this blog a favor for certain Rick Santorum videos....

You've probably heard the story by now, about how Eric Erickson of Redstate and Melissa Clouthier  posted some complaints about the scandalous clothing and indecorous conduct of certain attendees at CPAC, Stacy McCain noticed it and a huge kerfuffle, er, kerfuffled. The truth is, Stacy let everybody concerned off easy.  The facts are far, far worse than can be easily imagined by anyone with the slightest respect for the dignity and maturity of the conservative movement in America, as I'm afraid, these clips will attest, literally from the opening day and the arrival of the first dogmatic degenerates in the lobby:

Scandals at CPAC by richardmcenroe

Disgusting Public Exhibitionism at CPAC by richardmcenroe

The situation got badly out of hand, so utterly libertine and shameless, it even began to infect the formerly-professional hotel staff, as revealed in this security camera footage from Spanish-language news programming...

CPAC ruins Hotel Staff by richardmcenroe

But shameful and humiliating as it was, and what had taken place so far was reason enough and more for any good conservative to hang their head in shame, it was as nothing next to the actual scheduled event, the highlight of CPAC, which took place behind closed doors Saturday night...

Behind the Locked Doors of CPAC by richardmcenroe

Our institutional embarrassment was compounded by the presence of so many of our distinguished candidates for higher office at the conference.  One could only hope they were not exposed to the worst of these excesses; one can only pray that they would not let this scurrilous conduct warp their opinion of...

Excuse me?  Speaker Gingrich did what? With whom? Whom? And Whom? Oh, Dear God...

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