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Friday, June 8, 2012

National Day of Blogger Silence

... actually, the silence is being taken care of pretty well by our distinguished members of Congress (Thanks, Chambliss, where the hell is everybody else?), our vigilant Department of Justice, who take no notice even though SWATing has been a Federal crime since 2009, the Democrat movers and shakers who hire and profit from Kimberlin and Rauhauser's attempts at intimidation, the 'principled' Democrat peons who vote for them and the Latte Lefty celebrities who subsidize them.

The rest of us need to turn it to eleven.

Paul Lemmen over at Stacy McCain's caught one of these wannabe strongarms in the act and ran him off his property.  I'm a little more proactive than that.  It's not like I can't be found; I've been demonstrating on the same corner for going on ten years now every Friday evening in Studio City...
...and lord knows my address ain't a big public secret, so let me make it a little easier for anyone who wants to come by and give me shit.
This is the view from my driveway...
 This is the view from my stairs...
 This is the view from my deck...
...and this is the view from my door.


Unknown said...

Thanks Richard. If I hadn't thrown away my 2nd amendment rights by being a long-term criminal (before my redemption by the love of God and my wife) the view from mine would be similar. Now, its just my cane and my canine! Your place reminds me of the apartment we had years ago in Hawthorne!
Keep them all in the Bull!

RebeccaH said...

God bless you, Richard, for not going silent. Silence is passivity, and we can't afford that in this day and age of InfoOverload.

America, now and forever.

Zilla said...

Nice view!
I am Silent Like a Carpet Bombing

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