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Thursday, June 14, 2012

US Soccer Team Insults US Troops!

When US troops stationed in Guatemala turned out to welcome the US Soccer team into the country, the team walked right past them without even acknowledging the presence.

Understandably, the troops felt insulted, and their families are speaking up angrily on facebook while metrosexual hipster scum over at TMZ are taking the opportunity to talk more trash about the troops.

The team has half-assedly apologized as is usual in these cases, explaining that the players "didn't know what the protocol was" in this situation.  This is conceivably true, as usually the only people ever happy to see US soccer players are the other team, not surprising given that their greatest skill is at faking an injury to draw a foul call.

Regardless, it's interesting that these hip, sophisticated urban athletes are unable to figure out a "protocol" that ordinary Americans figure out in airports and restaurants every damn day.

In any case, no sports organization that supports American soccer will ever see another dime from me.


Reese Witherspoon said...
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Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said.... We have a base in Guatemala?! Who knew.

Well, I'll stand in solidarity with the troops and root for the other team (with a few exceptions). There is no excuse for this kind of behavior, especially since the troops aren't at attention. Obviously they were there to support the team! Too bad the team didn't support them. I'd eject them from a tournament for unsportsmanlike behavior.

JeffS said...

Probably a training detachment, Deborah.

And the soccer players? Dickheads, one and all.

Steve at the Pub said...

The soccer team actually has some supporters? And then treats them with disdain?

Those troops look like they just got out of bed.
What a motley crew.
I'd have half of them up on a charge of improperly dressed.

That's at first glance, then by god, they're slouching & aren't even in a straight line! Are they Air Force reservists or something?

If they want to be treated like soldiers, they must act like soldiers!

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