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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea Party Tax Tips

"I'm a naughty President..."

OK, by now, you've either paid your taxes, or you're about to.  If you've already paid them, congratulations! That means you've already accomplished a feat that just about everybody Barack Obama knows couldn't.
And whether you've paid or you're going to pay, either way you're about to be handed the bill for the biggest increase in government spending and government debt in 250 years.
I think we need to show Mister Obama and the Congress just how much we appreciate their little gift.  And April 15th is the perfect day to do it.  So here are a few suggestions:

1.  OBEY THE LAW.  None of you are Friends of Barry, even if you voted for him, even if you -- brace yourselves -- donated to him.  So fill out the right forms, include all the right attachments, and pay it if you owe it.  This year, anyway.
2.  THEN, after you fill out your proper and lawful taxes, and send them in, take a new form, a blank 1040A, 1040EZ, whatever you filed in the first place, and fill it out as follows:

Just scrawl it across the page, like below, and mail it to the SAME IRS PO box you sent your return to.  They're opened mechanically and scanned, but every one of them that does not register has to be reviewed manually.  Let's show them how much we appreciate the gift Obama, Nancy and Harry have given us!

BTW: You probably want to leave your return address off the envelope.  Just sayin'...


kc said...

EXcellent idea...even though we filed online, I'm SURE I can find a stamp around here somewhere!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you include a tea bag but having watched the White House organize a campaign to shut down Rush and Rick Santelli I'd be afraid they'd track you by your finger prints.


richard mcenroe said...

Be worth finding that out.

"A acout that disappears in a cloud of bloody mist is a scout doing his job."

Paco said...

I am SO doing that!

SwampWoman said...

I'm doing it, too! Bwahahahaha!

kc said...

English Breakfast, Constant Comment, or Sugar Plum Spice?

SwampWoman said...

Sheesh, KC, the cheapest available. Don't waste good tea on that bunch.

RebeccaH said...

I agree with SwampWoman. Send them Lipton's. I hate Lipton's. I'll be sending the blank form too. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Don't lick the envelope. The IRS "doesn't have the resources" to make Rangel, Geithner, Dodd, et al pay their taxes, but they do have the resources to track you down with your DNA.

richard mcenroe said...

If you're in the system. The difference between CSI and Star Trek is, Marg Helgenberger wears turtlenecks.

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