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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love-struck little man acting out...

...but Obama still won't take his calls. From Itai News, Japan:

"North Korean rhetoric has reached a new crescendo of violence, with their latest threats being to wipe out a third of Japan’s population in a stroke if Japan “attacks” the wretched slave nation:

“If Japan wages another war of conquest, their whole land will be subject to our retaliatory strike! Japan’s major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto are home to over a third of Japan’s population, and house most of its industry.

Should we launch our powerful counterattack, Japan will become a scene of carnage!”
The remarks were published in the “Rodong Sinmun”, or Newspaper of the Workers, which is generally taken to be an official mouthpiece of North Korea’s government, and are thought to be in response to strands of the LDP which would like to see Japan possess the ability to deal with threats to its security before they crystallise into actual aggressive action.

These calls have themselves been provoked chiefly by North Korea repeatedly menacing Japan with its growing missile arsenal.

2ch is less than impressed:
“It’s a declaration of war!”
“Lucky I live in Gifu. Phew…”
“This little yakuza country is cooking up fights with all kinds of countries. Doesn’t it understand its own position yet?”
“Even if it lost a third of its population, Japan is still vastly stronger, right?”
“With a Hiroshima type blast in Tokyo, most government would cease.”
“Even so, the SDF and American armies would be unaffected. They could still crush North Korea on their own…”
“Why don’t we ask the Zainichi Koreans about this? If you keep sending them remittances and support their games, all you get back is a missile strike. It is splendid to be willing to die for the great general, is it not?”
“Why don’t they try ‘reducing Seoul to a sea of fire’ first?”
“So the Zainichi are no good as hostages then? What a pity their motherland has abandoned them so…”
“Try shooting one into Akihabara, the world’s otaku will turn on you!”
“Talk is cheap. Why don’t you try firing them?”
“Even if Japan becomes a scene of carnage, it can be rebuilt. But North Korea will be wiped from the face of the earth.”
“It would take them days to fuel that many missiles. In the mean time, North Korea would be reduced to ashes.”
“Finally we’ll be able to build Neo-Tokyo…”
“Weak dogs howl the loudest, don’t they? But we’re running out of patience. Anymore idle chatter and they should be annihilated. Hurry up and change the Constitution already…”
“This is great. Soon public opinion will favour Japan having nuclear weapons…”
“What’s up with this crazy country, it sounds like 2ch…”

Bellicose threats from North Korea have been one of the major arguments used in favour of eliminating Article Nine of Japan’s US imposed Constitution, which heavily restricts Japan’s ability to defend itself. North Korea seem to be their own worst enemy in most respects…

HT: Sankaku Complex

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