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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The core of Barack Obama's Health Plan...

As summed up by Tim Maquire over at Riehl World View:

"Death Panels" is about who controls the terms of debate. Whatever final bill we see will absolutely contain a provision for review panels (page 429, HC3200 -TBL) to make treatment/coverage decisions based not just on effectiveness, but on cost/benefit grounds. One may argue that "Death Panels" is an exaggeration, but one may not argue that the panels referred to will not convene."

Exactly. To Barack and the Democratic party, you are just another clunker. Not a person, not a life... an integer in his spreadsheet. Autarchs-wannabe like Obama never think about people, but The People, a faceless construction to whom each and everyone of us is subservient and subject to sacrifice.

That alone should be all the reason you need to oppose this bill to the bitter end.

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