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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pissen Down Rain in Los Angeles

About damn time.


Anonymous said...

Richard! Goodness sakes, man! It rains for the first time in...well, along time and you can't even get a stock picture to commemorate the event!?! This event is big! Big like Obama winning the Nobel, so you need to treat it with the same tone.

Deborah Leigh

kc said...

Richard...it never rains in Southern California...so my ol man insisted when we were living in inland north San Diego County. Alas, '98 was an El Nino year, and it POURED instead.

Saw that movie a couple years ago, I think.

Anonymous said...

Richard, not exactly what I had in mind for a picture. Guess you got part of Rule 5 covered too.

KC, we're told that this is an El Nino year, so battening the hatches is underway. The first flood happened last night in front of Richard's place. Thank God for second stories.

Deborah Leigh

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