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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michael Steele in trouble?

Dan Riehl defends Steele in two posts, here and here.  He point to two successes for the GOP, in NJ and VA, but overlooks that the RNC had to be goaded into getting involved in both campaigns by the activist base getting out ahead of it.

He ignores the national party's attempts to shove RINO candidates down the voter's throats in state after state.  They have apparently learned nothing from the Scozzafava debacle.

And he raises the spectre of the GOP's dismissal of an incompetent, ethically marginal black  man being used to tar the GOP with the old racism brush... as if that didn't happen regardless, frequently with Steele's own help, owing to his self-evident ignorance of the racial history of the party he's supposed to be heading.

 As one of Dan's anonymous commenters puts it:

"I don't think Steele is "good" at his job, all of his appearances are somewhat random, he doesn't stick to any message. However, having a black guy as the face of the RNC is VERY positive, not becuase it will woe blacks to vote for Republican candidates, it won't, but because it begins to dispel the now well entrenched narrative that the GOP is full of racists." 

In other words, keep the token even if he's no good at the job. A genuinely racist sentiment fit for a Democrat. Steele needs to go, and Cornyn and Sessions need to step down from the Senate and Congressional campaign committees since they have demonstrated an absolute inability to listen to what the party wants in a candidate.

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