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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chris Dodd Digs Up Dead Ted for Coakley!

Outgoing Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, the oldest livimg sexual predator in the US Senate, driven from office by his disastrous support of junk mortgages and Obamacare, has sent around a warm, personalized e-mail evoking that drunken whoremonger, philanderer and womankiller Ted Kennedy to encourage Democrats to save Martha Coakley's bigoted, corrupt, incompetent ass for old times' sake... there is something pathological about Dodd's determination to do as much damage to this country as he can before he leaves office...

Health care was the cause of my friend Ted Kennedy's life. So it sickens me that the Republican running to take Ted's place is vowing to be the 41st vote to kill health care reform."

"Health Care was the cause of my friend Ted Kennedy's life."
"It's still sometimes hard to believe he's not here - we worked together for almost 30 years." 

...we worked together for almost 30 years...
"I can think of no better way to honor his service than to make sure Martha takes his place and provides the 60th vote for health care reform. We owe it to Ted to make it happen."


Chris Dodd

I can think of several ways, but I'm pretty sure Beelzebub has beat me to them.  Oh, well, Dodd will see for himself in his time.

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