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Monday, February 8, 2010


The  notoriously corrupt, racebaiting Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania at the center of the ABSCAM and PMA corruption scandals, who spearheaded the bogus prosecution of the Haditha Marines...-
No, Congressman, they didn't...
is dead at 77.

Funy, he didn't look a day over 90.  Guess wallowing in all that moral and political corruption takes a lot out of a man.

Better people than I am will be trotting out the speak-no-ill-of-the-dead-meme.  Even Ace of AOS says he won't dance on Murtha's grave.

I will.  I say we tamp that SOB down good, just to be safe...


Anonymous said...

"Never speak ill of the dead" should be reserved for good people. That caveat doesn't apply in Murtha's case. It is a better day for the Pennsylvania and the country. His Marine service was tarnished by the ill he did in later years. They should have drummed him out. It is sad that they must accord him a funeral with full military honors. Hopefully, he is not buried in the company of heroes. No "Taps" for Murtha.

Deborah Leigh
Sgt, US Army, 1976-1984

christian soldier said...

corruption notwithstanding--for what he did to our Marines-I - too would dance on his grave--good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope he and Ted Kennedy enjoy hell together.

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