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Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Talk to Your Congressman on March 16th... Feel Free to Print this out and fax it.

Now look, chum... can I call ya chum?  When you got yerself elected, you must have thought you hadda great political career ahead of you, legislating, politicking, heck, maybe even doing some good for the folks in your district.  So now you gotta ask yourself... are you willing to give all that up for the vanity of that man in the White House or that woman on the podium?  Never mind how much it's gonna cost, or how it ain't gonna do what they say it'a gonna do.  We Da People Don't Want It.  Ya don't look like Al Franken or Patrick Kennedy... what part of "Just Say No" do you not understand?

You do not have the money to pay for this.

It can not work the way you say it will.

You don't even know what's in it.

You will hand this country back to the Republicans WITH your new Slaughter Rule to play with. What will THEY do with it?

Vote NO.

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