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Thursday, July 29, 2010

8/28 Restore Honor!


Greywolfe said...

Oh, my friend. If I thought that ANY progress could be had by such a demonstration, I would gladly go. I remember well the images from the 1 million plus people that marched last year on 9/12, on the Capitol. I remember all the many thousands of Tea Parties that have gone on from coast to coast.

I remember and indeed can still see the derision and disrespect that is given to those that have joined the Tea Parties or the 9/12 groups. We are dismissed and ignored and I am sorry but I believe that it is time to move past the idea of strictly peaceful marches. It is time for, at the very least, mass marches with civil disobedience as the main tool. A real and honest to God tea party.

It is time to let them know that when we say that we pledge our lives, treasures, and sacred honor, we are also pledging our blood and lives to stop them in their tracks. Nothing else has or will work. The line MUST be drawn. And it MUST be held.

All the demonstrations and rallies have done NOTHING to slow their agenda. It has merely spurred them to greater haste in ramming it through.

Anonymous said...

Grey Wolfe, I share your frustration. However, don't think that rallies haven't had impact...they have. The proof is seen in the backlash by the Left/Progressives/Democrats, their loss of seats, high ranking Democrats like Pelosi, Reid, and Boxer fighting for their political lives, and the almost certainity that Obama will be a one term president. Radical Progressives are in the fight for the long term. They have an agenda that was set out before most were born, and are steadily working towards it. The war we are waging with them, and make no mistake it is a war, will never end as such. We must always be ready and willing to fight them whenever and wherever to ensure that this "bright shining city on a hill" endures. The Founders entrusted us with the "beacon of liberty" advising that we be ever vigilent. That was what the pledge of the Founders, "lives, treasures, and sacred honour" means. So as the Founders entrusted us, the Progressives were given the radical agenda.

There are times when I consider that we not be so peaceful. I don't know yet. I wish that I could be in DC on 8.28, but can't. There are those that thought they were alone in their passion for the nation that need to see masses out there to be encouraged. If you have the ability to be at that historic event, I encourage you to go. Network, connect, re-energize. But never give up the fight!

God Bless America!
Deborah Leigh

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