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Monday, February 14, 2011

An exercise in Civility...

Finally got a chance to take Civility to the range for breaking in and zero.
Put 150 rounds downrange (50 Ten-X .44 Special, a 'cowboy' load and VERY dirty)
and 100 rounds of full-bore .44 mag.
 The gun shoots well (better than I do, anyway, rusty as I am), but I may
have to replace the issue sights with something a little more friendly to 50+ 
eyeballs.  Like most single-action .44 magnums, it really wants to roll in your
hand because of the classic Colt grip shape, which goes back to the
days when you needed to flip the weapon up to let pieces of percussion cap
fall clear without jamming the action.  But if you address it with a firm and 
manly grip you can recall it to its duty — If you don't it will rap your ring finger 
with the trigger guard to remind you.
The trigger pull and indexing were very smooth and
Deborah Leigh, occasional commenter at Paco's, Tim Blair and here, gave it
a try.  Naturally she had to show off with stupid muzzle-flash tricks.  
Must be a chick thing.

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Anonymous said...

It was fun firing Civility! The magnum rounds really kicked, so I preferred the specials. As for Richard's remarks regarding the cool effect in the picture, it sounds like a guy thing. Could it be muzzle flash envy?

Deborah Leigh

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