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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


An unexpected visitor in my bathroom mirror this morning convinced me: Charlie Sheen has shown us all The Way.  Truly, we can all have Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA; Truly can we all be Rock Stars from Mars!

For are we not, all of us, already these things at one time or another already?  Don't be ashamed!  Step out of that closet!  Embrace your Martian Rock Star and share it with the world!  I'll go first...


Anonymous said...

Be gone you foul red kitty spirit!
Release Richard this very minute!

Seriously, folks, he does really clean up good.

Deborah Leigh

Merilyn said...

Love your grey hair,......it is the same colour as mine. Heh good performence.

richard mcenroe said...

Performance? Oh,yeah, performance, right....

Merilyn said...

Another way of putting it was that you did a very good "take off" of Charlie Sheen.
Hence the performance! [Which I spelt wrong....redface]

richard mcenroe said...

Absolutely. That was EXACTLY my intent when I woke up that morning... oh, is that the time?

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