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Thursday, May 5, 2011

CNN Calls This Photo "Iconic"...

Ahem.  Excuse me, CNN...
This is an iconic photo.
 This is an iconic photo.
This is an iconic photo.
This is an iconic photo.
And this is an iconic photo.
THIS is a bunch of clowns sitting on their fat 
asses watching television and making up stories.
Please explain the difference to your copywriters.


Anonymous said...

If the WH wants to release a photo, it needs to be better. Stage it if necessary. A lot of things need to be changed.

Gates needs to go get a coffee - there's something unsettling about his expression. He either looks creepily satisfied, or too alpha for the room, based on your political leanings.

The three aides at the back (you can see part of someone else) who are clamouring to see should not be there. They're clearly civilians and have no idea of the reality of the situation, or else they'd be closer in and more serious.

Obama should not be hunched over, in a little zip up coat (?), with the kind of expression that could be interpreted in a number of ways, none of them flattering.

God help us, he needs to take a tip from Biden. Sit there in a shirt and suit trousers, so everyone knows he's taking it seriously, but look a little tired and rumpled, so we know he's working. (Without a vest, preferably.) And lean back, for heaven's sake.

He would be better off situated - well, anywhere, really, but my suggestion is standing behind the general's seat, with his hands on the chair, far apart. He's tall enough to carry it off and it would have a powerful symbolism of the military power working at the behest of the civilian commander in chief.

(If he could do that while somehow managing to look serious and a little tired, rather than angry and/or a little constipated, that would be tickety-boo, but let's take it one step at a time.)

And get rid of people. Artistically, this is a mess. We shouldn't have to wonder where you're meant to be looking, or who is meant to be important here, or have to search for the President.

I don't know if they're trying to "keep it real", but if you're not trying for propaganda, why release any photograph?

Don't even get me started on their handling of releasing the news. People say that this administration is full of savvy media players and nothing substantive, but they can't even get the messaging straight without the LSM holding their hands and carrying their water - it's becoming painfully obvious, as with this.

richard mcenroe said...

Since we're CURRENTLY being told there was a 25-minute gap in the video (from 40+ cameras and god knows how many planes and satellites simultaneously screwing up, yup, that's it)I can only assume Obama looks so serious because they're actually watching Dallas kick the Lakers' ass ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone told him to sit down and shut up.

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