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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bending Over Backwards When No One Is Pushing...

The foofaraw and phumphing over Ladd Ehlinger's viral video on Janice Hahn and CA-36 continues. Online reporter and American Spectator contributor Robert Stacy McCain has been all over the story.  But there's one thing he keeps beating himself up on unnecessarily... his grudging allowance that Fox outlet KTTV in Los Angeles may have sensationalized their exposé of gangs, guns and gummint money in LA.

He needn't be worried.  Although it is a Fox outlet, KTTV has nothing to do with Fox News cable.  It is your typical local big-city news station, which is to say, cluelessly journalism-major-braindead lefty and reflexively in bed with the Democratic Party.  I  know this from personal experience.

I attended a meeting of a local Republican group back before the 2009 election that KTTV sent a crew to cover.  The producer was not happy to be there and was vocal about it.

Now, you gotta understand, these are Los Angeles Republicans; it's not like there's so many active ones that we don't know each other.  And it's California, where even the conservatives wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sneakers to dinner.

But there was a new guy there.  He looked like something Central Casting would send over if you sent out a call for 'Intolerant Southern Preacher" or "Bigoted Country Club Committee Member:" buzz-cut white hair, pinched Skeletor face, blazer and razor-creased trousers, and a necktie cinched up good and tight to make sure his wizened heart didn't accidentally pump any compassion up into his narrow brain.

The meeting gets into its Q&A session, with the Fox crew taping, and suddenly the guy stands up and asks, "I just want to know if any of the rest of you are worried about your cars outside with all those people over there?"

This has NOTHING to do with anything we've been discussing about the election.  Turns out he's asking us, on camera, if we're worried about the BLACK people from Inglewood, the next freaking neighborhood over, coming and stealing our cars.

The crowd reacts with absolute disgust and the guy sits back down.  A moment later, when the camera moves on, he jumps up and literally bolts from the room.

Fine.  Another asshole.  Ain't like there's a shortage out here.

But a few minutes later, one of our members goes outside for an evil cigarette, and finds the KTTV producer and the freak chatting away by the news van, laughing and having a high old time.

A ringer?  A set-up? You tell me.  No one ever saw the clown before that or after.

But if KTTV was willing to set-up the LA GOP, I doubt they'd set-up good Democrat Janice Hahn...

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