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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daily Caller Sells Out Own Producer...

Robert Stacy McCain posted an interview with Daily Caller producer Michelle Fields on her harrassment at the hands of Occupy DC protesters trying to interfere with the Defend the American Drea, Conference In Washington yesterday.

This prompted the Daily Caller to respond with their usual compassion and sensitivity towards women:

"Jim Treacher:"You'd think she quoted Mike Tyson or something..."
Yes, Jim, Daily caller posting this:

is exactly what Michelle was doing trying to interview people.  The conservative blogosphere gets classier every day...


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

That is an honest observation based on the interview and in parallel to the Tyson piece as the "occupiers" in question sound exactly like Tyson.

It is them, the occupiers and Tyson, and not the Daily Caller that lack "compassion and sensitivity toward women".

I am a Conservative and will show no compassion or sensitivity toward the "occupiers" or Tyson like say Greta Vansustren does for the latter.

Or maybe you did not understand the context in all of this like Greta?

xthred said...

I don't get it. Where is the sell-out part?

richard mcenroe said...

He made light of very real mistreatment of a female coworker by comparing her behavior to his own website's mistreatment of a serious female public figure.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Richard -

What "mistreatment of a serious female public figure" are you speaking of?

What is it about people not understanding that it is Mike Tyson doing the mistreating here!?

And furthermore, it is Treacher justifiably linking such behavior exhibited by Tyson to that of the "occupiers".

rae4palin does not get it, a sell-out that is, due to the fact that there is none but rather the opposite in drawing a parallel to the reporters attackers with Tyson.

Jim Treacher said...

Michelle Fields is awesome, and Richard knows I think so. It's just that I made a joke mocking a temper tantrum thrown by Richard and people like him, and he does not like it.

richard mcenroe said...

Jim, I know your tweets are probably history, but I invite anyone who wants to to go visit the Ace of Spades post on the topic, for one, or the Conservatory post on it, or Stacy McCain's, or any of the other posts at other blogs and make up their own minds as to whether Jim or I are being unreasonable on this subject.

The fact is, Jim, Daily Caller behaved badly on the DC/Palin/Tyson matter, and rather than acknowledge it tried to cover it up with after-the-fact edits and "corrections" meant to hide the DC's cynical willingness to cash in on a piece of garbage with precisely zero journalistic value.

As to how you feel about Michelle all I know is that you posted a comment at Stacy's comparing her treatment by OccupyDC to the Daily Caller's treatment for running a video where Mike Tyson jokes about Sarah Palin meeting the "Wombstretcher". You made the comparison and now you getting all self-righteous because you were called on it... again.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Richard,

You still have not explained (in your opinion) why it is you think the DC "behaved badly" on this Tyson thing?

It was news, Tyson's bad behavior and they showed it and that is all there is to it.

The same goes for what happened at the "occupy" thing only it was a DC reporter on the receiving end as opposed to Palin.

So again, it is very reasonable to link the two situations to show all what garbage we face no matter if they are famous (or infamous in Tyson's case) or the so-called 99% variety.

richard mcenroe said...

First off, in what regard is Mike Tyson's opinion of Sarah Palin relevant in the slightest to anyone? Seriously? Does ANYBODY on God's Green Earth wake up in the morning and say, "Man, I can't start my day without the views of a brain-damaged convicted rapist on a massive regimen of antipsychotic meds?"

Second, the DC's handling of the "story" was meretricious in the extreme. To start with, per ESPN, that piece never aired, so it had no journalistic value to begin with. It was never a public story. (DC has not, by the way, ever said where they got the footage in that case).

When DC first posted the piece, it ran with no disclaimers, in fact, it ran with a transcript so every one could be sure what the current slur on Palin was. The "ooh this is naughty and we don't endorse it" weasel wording was added in fits and starts as the day and the complaints went on.

The only reasons DC had to run it were the salacious content and the fact that it was injurious to Sarah Palin, period.

And Treacher was not comparing Michelle's treatment to Palin. Go read his comment at The Other McCain (link below). He was comparing the behavior of the Occupados to the critics of poor, picked on Daily Caller. And that is simply reprehensible.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

If ESPN claims not to have run it then why did they interview him? Either way, if they chose not to air it I believe it was because it would have been injurious to HIM as ESPN is not exactly a right-wing organization.

Now being they, ESPN, did interview him at all shows that there are indeed people who want to hear about Tyson in their audience. Furthermore, whether or not they aired it is of little or no consequence to it being "news".

Now onto the DC, it matters not where or how they got the clip but being it was news and injurious to Tyson and others of the same mindset why not air it?

As to "disclaimers", why bother at all? It is what it is and speaks for itself.

As a matter of fact hundreds if not thousands of right leaning blogs have been posting quite similar clips of the "occupiers" from the onset and yet I see no complaints or crying for disclaimers except from of course the left.

What I am seeing here is a tit-for-tat between you and Treacher but in the meantime I think thou protest too much against the DC on this Tyson bit.

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