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Friday, November 4, 2011

WICKED! (A very conservative musical)

Bet they didn't see this when they voted it all those Tony Awards.  (Caution: if you haven't seen the play yet — but you do want to — some of these observations might hint at spoilers.  I'll do my best to avoid them).

1.  The public face of the villains is a charismatic airhead manipulated by sinister advisers (liberals)
2.  The ruler of Oz gains power by claiming to fix the weather (Hello, Al)
3.  The university is run by an ignorant, posturing bureaucrat who suppresses teachers holding minority views (84% of modern university professors self-identify as "liberals")
4.  Those teachers are denied the ability to speak. (liberal campus speech protests and codes)
5.  The heroine insists on standing up for her decent principles against state pressure (conservative)
6.  She champions the suppressed teacher (conservative)
7.  She takes responsibility for her own actions, good and bad. (conservative)
8.  The leaders try to get her to do all the work so they can take credit and increase their power (liberal)
9.  Her enemies blame her for their shortcomings and mistakes and try to punish her for their failings (liberal, hell - OWS)
10.  She redeems an enemy by her own courage and example (conservative)
11.  In the end, she opts out of the corrupt system. (conservative verging on libertarian)
12. The rich, privileged guy is a good guy (conservative)

Seriously, conservatives should all be going to see this play...

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Anonymous said...

"Wicked" is an amazing musical that you will surely fall in love with. We were fortunate to see the long running Los Angeles production...twice! And meet most of the cast, including Megan Hilty (Glinda the Good Witch). Highly recommend it! We hope to go very soon when the road company comes through.

Deborah Leigh

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