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Monday, April 2, 2012

You must learn to see the fnords....

Smitty tells you how...


RebeccaH said...

I must have missed a newscast or something (in fact, I miss most of them), but I don't get this. Fnord?

Deborah Leigh, I haven't forgotten or ignored your request at Paco Enterprises to see my polymer clay work. When i get enough money to replace my kaput camera, I will post a site (I lost the links to my photobucket when we changed to the Mac, but be advised that I am pretty low-level anyway).

richard mcenroe said...

"Fnords" come from the Illuminatus trilogy, the conspiracy novels.

The premise is that children in school are hypnotically conditioned to fear the word 'fnord', but not to remember they've seen it. Meanwhile the Man is stick the word 'fnord' all over the place. So people go through their daily lives nervous and afraid without knowing why, and thus willing to subject themselves to a government that promises them safety and security.

richard mcenroe said...

For example, I bet you didn't see the six properly formatted and fonted "fnords" I embedded in the previous post.

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