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Monday, October 29, 2012

Why Ben Affleck Will Never Be President...

Note: This clip is presented as fair editorial use and satire by Three Beers Later.  No endorsement of this opinion by Ben Affleck or any other person or corporate entity involved with the film Argo should be assumed.

Movie ROCKED, though,


Iran hostage crisis.  Six Americans escape to Canadian Ambassador's house.  As State Department, White House flap around like headless chickens CIA puts together a plan to smuggle them out under the guise of a movie pre-production crew.  At the last minute, as DC gets cold feet and Carter decides to go with the military operation that would end in disaster, CIA operative Ben Affleck is ordered to abandon the six Americans, on the verge of discovery, to their fate and come home.  Affleck considers the order overnight and then next morning calls his handler at Langley:

"Someone has to be responsible for these people.

"I'm responsible for them.

I'm bringing them out."

Nice to know we USED to be able to make decisions like that.

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Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said..."Argo" was good. It was annoying that President Carter was not mentioned by name for deposing the Shah thereby bringing Ayatollah Khomeni to power in Iran. At the end of the film Carter is heard hoping that he had played a small part in the freeing of the hostages. HAW! He had no part! But like a good Democrat, he tried to take some credit.

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