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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michael Steele Calls for Harry Reid to Resign...

But, you know, just from the Speakership, not his Senate seat... don't want to hurt anybody's feelings er nuthin...

Mikey, it's nice that you're talking tough to a Democrat who's already doomed in his home state.  It would be nicer if the national GOP organization wasn't spending its every waking moment trying to shove DIABLO's (Democrats In All But Label Only) down our throats in state after state.  Whether you're talking about Scozzafava in New York, Crist in Florida, Fiorina in California, Kirk in Illinois or Norton in Colorado, get this straight: NOBODY ASKED YOU.  You don't tell us who our candidates will be, WE THE PEOPLE tell you and you go to work for us to make it happen.   This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

You have been behind the curve on EVERY major development in Republican politics since you took office.  When the Gang of Eight betrayed their party and country not only did they go unpunished, you rewarded Kirk with a fast track to a Senate campaign. You scorned the Tea Parties and talked about how you were "confident" the GOP could "mitigate" the health care disaster.  Well, you didn't and now the Tea Party is reaping the interest and support our party should have.  Even GOP candidates across the country are courting them behind your back, because THEY understand that that IS or SHOULD BE your base.

You keep churning out the same cookie-cutter 'moderate' candidates across the country, even though when you ran the ultimate 'moderate' John McCain, you got slaughtered.  Now he's talking tough to the Obama he once kissed up to but you haven't got the message yet.

You publish a book of "Republican Principles" clipped from the e-mails of your angry base, but you do nothing to live up to them.. You care more about stuffing the RNC offices with your relatives and cronies than you do about stuffing the Congress with true Republicans who will turn this country around.

You tell us to either stop complaining or fire you.  Believe me, we would... but WE never hired you in the first place.

You had better wake up and realize that this coming election is not going to be a referendum on party but incumbency.  If you don't figure this out soon, the voters are going to realize they don't need the GOP machine dragging them down.

Sink or swim, Mr. Steele but you will not drag us down with you.


buckysan1961@yahoo.com said...

I agree with Mr Steel on this one. Harry Reed should resign from the speakership and then get voted out in Nevada. That would send a greater message to the country. Lets not fight among ourselves

richard mcenroe said...

I've got no problem with humiliating Harry. But the point is, it's another halfway move by the RNC.

I would have liked to see them call for his resignation and watch him refuse...

christian soldier said...

sadly-MS is not the first R leader to be a 'toady'...The Rs have played a roll in the slow slide to socialism/fascism...
because of the avalanche we have now--'folks' are WAKING UP!!!

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