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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Byrne's Occupy Wall Street Anthem (from The Catherine Wheel)...

Well it ain't my fault
My fault that things gone wrong
And it ain't my fault,
Some things are sticking out.
My big hands
Keep my big hand to myself.
Tip toe too
Tip toe around the house

Come, Come on in
It's not, it's not like that
Down, down we go
Fall through, fall through the cracks.

Well I help myself
Help myself to what I want.
Side by side
Get stupid in the dark.
Didn't get home
Things broke down
No sense
Not at all.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear the mob that didn't allow Congressman John Lewis speak do this. For those who haven't seen it, that video is a must see. They repeat everything in unison that the speaker says, and hold their hands in the air while wiggling the fingers.

OT Hannity just had a 37 year old mother of an 8 year old who is attending Columbia University (Ivy League) for science. She said that she had no problem with the state providing things, and that she shouldn't have to pay her loans.

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