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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tanks and APC's rolling through the Streets of Cairo! At least 17 dead so far...

This is your Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street.  You really think you're ready for this?  These people are fighting for real freedom, not freebies and handouts.  Think you're up to THAT challenge?

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Anonymous said...

If the anarchists and union thugs are energized there could be violence. Would it reach the scale of Egypt, who knows? Los Angeles rioted years ago after Rodney King was beaten.

One of the images I saw from a Occupy protest were two college students holding a banner "Liberte Fraternite egalite". A few days ago Roseanne Barr called for executions of those who make over $100,000. Funny, that's alot of her pals in Hollyweird. This is reminiscent of the old Black Panther leaders Hughie Newton, Angela Davis, and others calling for murdering people with one suit in the closet.

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