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Friday, October 14, 2011

How does it feel, Marco? Was it worth it?

Yesterday Robert Stacy McCain broke the story of how Marco Rubio's staffers — and possibly the Senator himself — were instrumental in the ploy to move Florida's primary date drastically forward, in an attempt to throw the primary to former GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

Although DC insiders such as Karl Rove feel a Romney nomination is inevitable, in spite of his failure to win a primary challenge against John McCain in 2008, who went on to lose by substantial margins to President Barack Obama, the surging popularity of Herman Cain, particularly in Florida where Cain now leads solidly and would WIN an early primary if held today, is raising a chilling spectre of upset for the entrenched GOP Old Guard... and their alleged belated ally.

Rubio formerly enjoyed great popularity with the populist "tea party" base of the GOP, which powered him to victory over establishment figure Charlie Crist.  But Rubio's Washington operation is headed up by Chief of Staff Cesar Conda, a former Romney campaigner.

Is Conda a loose cannon, or has he convinced Rubio that what he and the Tea Party accomplished pales to what the GOP machine could do for — or to — him?  If the former, Conda's career is ruined — you do NOT embarrass the Boss and survive in DC.  If the latter, Rubio's populist base, already expressing its dismay and anger at even the possibility of his involvement in the primary shenanigans, will simply blow away.

Rubio would then have to rely on the GOP Machine he affronted taking care of him in return, a position not unlike being the last Batista loyalist in Havana.

Perhaps Marco should ask his neighbors in Florida how THAT worked out...

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