Operation Gratitude Care Package Weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Support Goodplay and Operation Gratitude!

This Friday, October 14, we are partnering with Goodplay.org to launch a simple program that gives away high quality PC video games from top publishers for FREE. The hope is, of course, that people will make a donation to our cause after receiving free games.  However, there are no requirements to donate and absolutely no strings attached to this offer.
The program launches this Friday, October 14th and runs for just 10 days, through Oct. 24th. I am asking  you to post the following Facebook and Twitter messages, plus send an email to your friends and family so we can create additional awareness about the offer. We have some military organizations like Operation Homefront and Soldiers Angels lined up to make an announcement to their followers, but we need more help!
Important: In order to avoid confusion and frustration, please wait to post, tweet or email until Friday, as the site won't be active until the 14th.

Below my signature, you can see the email blast we will be sending on Friday.  Please feel free to forward it to everyone you know, and/or to compose your own language from our suggestions below.
Starting Friday, and repeating a few times during the 10 days, please post this message on your Facebook Wall:
Free PC games courtesy of Goodplay.org and Operation Gratitude! Goodplay.org is giving away free PC games until October 24. That's an $80 value, including top-selling titles like Hunting Unlimited 2011 and Bicycle Texas Hold ‘Em. Donations to help Operation Gratitude send MORE care packages to deployed U.S. troops are welcome, but never required to play! Go to http://goodplay.org for more information.
(Note: If you are willing to post on additional public pages on Facebook, please let me know by Friday and I can suggest pages to you. Or find and choose your own!  Pages such as TV shows, Sports teams/leagues, Military pages, Country music and/or rock stars, actors, restaurant chains, etc. are all pages that get a lot of traffic and where your posts would be seen by many people. In order to post on those Pages (Walls), you will need to "Like" the page. Please note that not all pages allow public posts. You can tell if one does at the top of the page; if underneath the 5 thumbnail photos, you see the name of the page plus "Everybody's Posts" or "Everyone" then you can post on that Wall.   Click on "Everybody's Post." or "Everyone" and then  post your message. T@GoodplayOrg supports our #troops with @OpGratitude & is giving away $80 of #FREE #PCgames until 10/24: http://goodplay.org #SOT  Please RThe idea is to get the word out in as many different places as possible.)

For starters, please follow @GoodplayOrg and @OpGratitude and then tweet the following as often as you feel comfortable:

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Anonymous said...

One of the most worthwhile organizations ever! Put a smile on a military member's face when they receive a box! There a faily new program that gets teddy bears to the kids of deploying members. Operation Gratitude has shipped over 650,000 packages so far! Help reach 700,000!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, the Saturday session is from 9 to 4 with lunch provided at noon. The National Guard Armory is located on Victory Blvd in just west of Balboa. Come on out!

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