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Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street! Get Paid For Doin' Shit!

Working Family Party (socialist front group) hiring "oppressed masses" for #occupywallstreet campaign.  Yes, now you too can rake in the big bux telling the world how oppressed you be because the Man wants you to pay back your student loans...!

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Anonymous said...

But isn't the Occupy movement Random, spontaneous, and non-astroturf? Is it a case of the Occupy movement being taken over by various groups, or is Occupy a conglomerate? Me thinks both.

It's morphing from the original Wall Street/Banks/Corporate greed to what it really is, take down the US. Some of that message is finally coming out. Obama supports Occupy because it is true to his pre-election statement to transform America. Many of the participants are dupes, who just want change, but not knowing what it should change into. Be afraid, very afraid. Make sure you're stocked up. They're coming for you.

Deborah Leigh

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